The Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean comprises 992 islands. It is an archipelago that has reincarnated to a world of tourists; with a culture so rich and divine it has accomplished in attracting a lot of tourists to the serenity, tranquility, and beauty of this place. Once you are here in the Pacific archipelago of these beautiful islands there is a lot of things to do:

First of all, for accommodation, there is a variety of hotels to choose from. There is Tavanipupu private island resort, St. Agnes mother’s union guest house, the wilderness lodge and many more. There are very cool cafes and lounges to hang out in otherwise too- the Breakwater cage, Lamesa and lime lounge. Now apart from just being indoors, there are a ton of other activities to keep you busy too.

Kolombangara, a majestic and cone-shaped volcano are rising beautifully from the horizon. 1770 m in height it is one of the major attractions and sheer natural beauty. To go over here a little bit of activity and hiking will be required. A 2-day trek to and from the mountain will let you encompass every tiny detail about this huge structure. Another beautiful must-see is the Mataniko falls.

The beauty of these falls is that they are double-sided and flush into a cave full of stalactites. This cave is an attraction for birds like the swallows and bats adding more beauty to the entire place. The Tetepare islands are the rainforests which have been conserved over the years by the Solomon’s. It is a treat for the eco-tourists and a view that will not disappoint you at all.

The central market is flooded with fresh produces of fruits and vegetables. The section for fish and other seafood is towards the backside of this market place.

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